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Tyler James Hoare: “From the Mudflats and Beyond” 

in two and three dimensions


Saturday, August 2, through September 14, 2014


Opening/Reception  Saturday, August 2, 5 until 8 p.m. 


What can we say about Tyler Hoare?  First, let’s get the name correctly -  Hoare, is pronounced, “oar.”  Just think of a boat paddle.

Secondly, if you have lived in the East Bay and driven on I-80 through Berkeley, you have likely seen Tyler’s most famous sculpture, The Red Baron, sitting out in the water.  A landmark for 40 years, the Baron was eventually moved to a location in Emeryville.  Still on the water, and still a landmark, the sculpture has made an indelible mark and cheered many bored children returning after a road trip.  “Hey, kids!” the weary parent would say, “We are almost home.  There’s The Red Baron!” 


Tyler came to Berkeley in 1965.  He has lived here ever since and maintained a studio for almost as long in Albany.  His work is evocative, mysterious, strange and, at times, humorous.  Make a point to see this exhibit.

Folk&Fine Art - 1861-A Solano - Berkeley - USA   94707

Wednesday thru Sunday 4 to 7 pm or by appointment

510 900-2591 



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